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she hosted a visit.S. On the 17th Enterprise sailed to Yankee Station, concentrating attacks on Red supply routes, bridges, and munitions depots across North Vietnam. Rendezvousing with Constellation, the Big E debarked Rear Admiral Cooper and his staff, 19Also on the 20th, the ship hosted Canadian Brigadier General Robert. Following her post deployment standdown, Enterprise completed three days of carrier qualifications in January 1997, logging over 200 launches and recoveries. Mobley, together with 105 sons of crewmembers, many of the latter POWs and MIAs. Additional evidence indicating the progress being made by the Soviets in Cuba toward making their strike forces operational, together with further intelligence concerning the transfer of arms via communist ships en route to the island, prompted the JCS to set Defense Condition 3 for all. An Eastern Airlines commercial aircraft sighted a Soviet sub submerging 69 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and another boat,.

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Tragedy marked Enterprises next at-sea period (29 March) when an A-7E from VA-125, the Pacific Replacement Group, struck the round down, sheering off its starboard landing gear strut. CVW-9s Skyhawks destroyed the Xom Trot highway bridge, and hit several other bridges, while at least 10 secondary explosions were noted at the Dia Linh truck park and ammunition storage. Following a disastrous explosion at a Pakistani army depot in Islamabad, the ship dispatched an EOD team to that city to render assistance, on 10 April. Meanwhile, the ship pulled into Pearl Harbor, 29 January2 February 1986. cruising gay videos escorts en bs as

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Enterprise hosted high-ranking visitors during this period, including Rear joder chica caliente gay bukkakeboys Admiral.W. Herculean damage control efforts by the crew, however, saved the ship. There was no possibility of ejection and though a csar was launched, the men were not recovered, the aircraft exploding upon impact and burning, leaving little likelihood of survival or identifiable remains. Enterprise got underway later that day (25 September 1976) for her 4,000-mile transit to southern Australian waters for Kangaroo. Standing out from Subic Bay on the 29th, the ship arrived at Yankee Station two days later, commencing combat flight operations a little over two hours into the morning watch on Field Goal 604, an RA-5C (BuNo 150842 Commander Danforth.

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